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[The video starts with Pansear, holding a rolled-up piece of paper. Unrolling it and pretending to read, Chili's voice comes from off-screen:]

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! [Is Pansear (terribly) lip-syncing to this?!] A royal decree per his highness, the crown prince of fire Pokemon—

[Pansear makes a face at someone off-screen, presumably Chili, who laughs before directing the camera at him.]

Hey, Luceti! About an hour after sunset, soon as the stars start showing up, there'll be a fireworks display, courtesy of yours truly!

Go out and enjoy, sit somewhere nice and hilly where it's breezy, maybe bring snacks or someone special!

The way I have it set up, it's best viewed from the village plaza, but if you wanna be closer to the action, you could go up to Cherry Blossom Tree Hill for a closer look!

Ladies and gentlemen, look forward to a blazing, bright display that'll get you all fired up!


[At around 7 PM, the first firework will go up with a loud bang! Light streaming up into the sky, before descending in a shower of sparks, like a blazing tree of light. A number of smaller, colourful fireworks go up in different directions. Enjoy the show, Luceti!]
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[This time when Chili's journal starts recording, he hasn't been dusting off box after box of donuts (send his regards to everyone at the bakery, who probably recognizw by appearance if not by name!) and Pansear is with him again, nestled in his vest with just his head and paws hanging out.

Not forcing a big grin or looking quite as lost now, just calm and a bit remorseful.]

Uh, this is going to be another public apology...

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, how many of these am I gonna have to make? Sorry!

[He rubs the back of his head in embarrassment, then nods:] But, yeah, it's to Ash again... [Now sounding more serious, dropping the playful tone:]

I'm really sorry for putting you through so much, even after all you've been through... it was self-absorbed an' I'm sorry that I let how much I wanted to help you get in the way of better judgement and ended up doing something dangerous. It was stupid.

... but, you did great. Cilan, too. You were both really amazing... you didn't even ask to be included in this mess and you were both really strong. Heroic too, yeah, that's the word for it— not because you chose to be, but because you fought so hard and protected your friends and partners, even when you were hurt, and even though you didn't go into it of your own choice.

[Pansear nods:] Pansear, sear-sear! Pansear, pan-pansear!

I just talked about Sailor Mars the last time, 'cause I needed to pay her back, but the truth is— there were a lot of people who helped me out. Maybe I wouldn't even have moved after I hit the ground if Hector and his partner didn't come into the picture. I definitely wouldn't have lasted without Silver's help and protection. So, I just wanted to let you know you're all my heroes too!

I'm really, really grateful to you all. From the bottom of our hearts, Pansear and me, thank you very much.
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[When the recording first starts, Chili just stares at his journal, looking lost. There are entirely too many boxes of pastries and donuts entirely cleaned out save for some stray sprinkles, gathered all around him.

He brightens up rather quickly, though, wearing a big grin and presenting compass.]

Hi, this is Chili!

I'm looking for Mars! She saved me when I was in a real jam, so me an' Pansear have been trying to find her, but... has anyone seen her?

Long black hair, red skirt, looks kinda like those schoolgirls from Kanto...

Um, I think she's a Firebender? Anyone know for sure?

I gotta return something to her!
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[A happily whistling Chili strolls into the kitchen, starts taking out ingredients for confectionery (sugar, flour, vanilla, chocolate, some spirits) when he heads to check the fridge for cheese, he finds a... cupboard, instead?

Still grinning, if momentarily confused, he opens a door. A block of ice.

It's a literal icebox.

Smile starts to waver, then...]


[So loud, it just might sound out to the rest of the village.]
GYAAAAAH!! [It's the now familiar sound of Chili's shouting, only... at a much higher pitch? Sounding like he aged in reverse, Chili runs screaming out of the house he recovered in/freeloaded in until he unceremoniously moved into the room Iris left behind.

Dashing around in his briefs and an oversized dress shirt, he flailed the too-long sleeves, the one escaping red wing flapping frantically.]



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Hey, uh.


[Here's Chili, looking a bit on the thin and weakly side from the last time he's been on camera, but a huge improvement on the way he was when Cilan retrieved him from the mountain! Chili's awkwardly tugging on his bowtie.]


I did some stupid stuff and I'msorrySObye.

[End of feed. Nice try, Chili.

A few minutes later, he starts feeling bad about it and makes another attempt.]

... sorry, Ash, for what I said before. Didn't mean any of it.

I, uh— just wanted t'rile you up and, yeah, got you involved in somethin' you weren't meant to have anything to do with, all 'cause of my weakness. I didn't think that plan through very well&mdash: I'm sorry.

... I wonder if anyone knows a good, safe way to get stronger around here...
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[Chili paces around the plaza aimlessly, hands shoved in his pockets, an unusually severe look in his eyes, staring hard at the ground. He's gritting his teeth and looks tense, but incredibly distracted by whatever's on his mind. Not lifting his gaze, it'll be rather easy to run into him, now, wouldn't it?

Now, be careful, or he might just explode.]
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[In bold, scrawling red letters that seem to shout as they take up the whole page:]


[Well, somebody's got an ego.

Shortly after that display, which might not have been intended for public viewing, is a video with an unsure looking teenaged boy with fiery red hair, eyes to match, and hey, aside from the differently coloured bowtie (red to match that hair!), his manner of dress bears a striking similarity to a certain Connoisseur, frowning uncertainly for a brief second, before all unease is replaced with a boastful grin a mile wide.]


My name's Chili! I'm a Fire Type Gym Leader with a burning passion for battles! I've had a smartphone, but it's the first time I've seen a gadget like this. Pretty awesome and that means a lot, coming from a paradigm of awesomeness like myself!

[A little red monkey hopes onto his shoulder, waving at the screen. This, too, also resembles Cilan's companion, if only resembling fire with that tuft of hair more than Pansage's broccoli and grass appearance...]

So, this network local or what? 'Cause if it's local, I'd like to be directed to the nearest donut shop!

[(You know, so he can rack his brain for whatever just happened yesterday so he'd wind up somewhere totally alien to him with a device he never had before.)

But I'm sure to everyone it just looks like there's some self-absorbed, donut-obsessed loser here who doesn't even realize he's been kidnapped.]


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